Meet the Team

Successful marketing is actually a lot like space travel–there’s lots of research, analytics, new discoveries, and challenges to overcome. But most importantly, you’ll need a strong crew that supports your mission. And our team has over 20 years of experience building brands, crafting campaigns, and fueling success.


Husbands, fathers, career creatives. Our Commanding Officers have built identities and crafted ideas for some of the biggest consumer brands in the world!

Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart has worked on some of the world’s largest consumer brands—including Nestle, Hot Pockets, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Walt Disney World, and more. His passion is connecting people to the things they love. But what does our chief creative love? Great movie trilogies, like Star Wars and Back to the Future; sports (playing and watching); and being active with his family. Matt also loves to cook and sees it as another outlet for his creativity. Because whatever he creates it’s sure to be something people instantly react to. Fun fact: Out of the 6-or-so billion people in the world, only one percent of them can or have ever dunked a basketball. Matt is a one-percenter. And with over 18 years of experience crafting brilliant ideas, Matt is absolutely the creative mind you are looking for.

Randy Chase
CHIEF Strategist

A UCF Knight, Randy Chase has been building brands and driving campaigns for over 20 years. His focus ranges from building up local small businesses to total world domination. That goes for his passion for sports, too—he’s into all sports at any competitive level. Randy’s marketing campaigns grab market share, drive revenue, and influence audiences around the world. Just ask EA SPORTS, Hard Rock Cafe, or Universal Orlando Resort. In fact, people are at the center of everything Randy does—from understanding consumers to collaborating with partners, to building an epic fantasy football team (you’re goin’ down!) And if Randy got his own personal mission to space, it would be a daring journey to Pluto aboard a rocket named Longshot.


Kelsie Rae Hall
Kelsie Rae hall headshot

Kelsie has a passion for dogs, Disney, and double stuf oreos. She’s an expert at juggling multiple client voices and can actually juggle, too! Since graduating from the University of South Florida, she helped build some of the biggest brands in the Tampa area including ZooTampa, Advent Health, and even her alma mater. Kelsie’s true passion lies in the entertainment and tourism industry, helping a certain mouse make magic.

Joey Schuster
Web Development
Luscsa Digital

Joey loves the water and enjoys wakeboarding, surfing, and scuba diving whenever he is away from the computer. Joey has over 15 years of experience as a product manager specifically working on UI/UX of browser-based platforms and web-based businesses. He has a real passion for making a better user experience for customers through an intuitive design based on a solid business plan. 

" I think it is possible for Ordinary People to be Extraordinary" - elon Musk