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Step into the Rocket Chimp universe, where creativity knows no bounds. From the thrill of the sports arena to the magic of entertainment, the warmth of hospitality, and the trust of healthcare, we’re your go-to crew for crafting unforgettable brand experiences. Together, let’s fuel your journey to success with our signature blend of strategy and innovation. Ready to launch? Let’s soar!

Your Mission
Is Our Mission.

Where do you want to go? Already know? Good. Don’t know? Even better. At Rocket Chimp, we design, build, and set into motion powerful strategies that meet your business objectives and connect with and inspire your target audience.  

Your brand should be instantly recognizable, make people feel something deep inside, and consistent with your values. At Rocket Chimp, we make sure your brand is 100% cohesive, integrated, robust across multiple mediums and channels—and ready for anything.

Your new website starts with a holistic discovery process that goes way beyond filling out a form. When it’s time to design and develop, you have a direct pipeline to the creatives working on your project. No BS. No red tape. We’re all here for you. Always.  

Today, it takes multi-channel campaigns to reach and engage your multi-faceted audience and compel them to act. Whether it’s identifying buyer personas, choosing the right channels, creating targeted messages, or integration across, well, everything—consider it done.

Featured Work

Email | Display

Crossing the Finish Line Together

Event Branding | Trophy Design

Launching championship-level branding. From tee box to champion’s trophy and every detail in-between

Branding | Web Design

Diving into the metaverse sports world with visual identity and website  

Social Media Management | Motion Graphics

Bridging the gap between game developers and their community through social media strategy and creative.

Branding | Web Development

A luxury experience with a visual brand and creative execution that matches their exclusive clientele.

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